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Arman Rathod TikTok Wiki Biography, Dance Girlfriend, Family, Address, Number English

Arman Rathod

Friends say talent never hides, it sometimes comes in front of people, today we are talking about one such name whose name is Arman Rathod. It is being done that the big celebrities of the country and abroad have praised the dance of Arman Rathod very much. Today we will tell you everything that you want to know about Arman Rathod.

Arman Rathod
Arman Rathod

Arman Rathod Wiki Biography

We are going to tell the biography of Arman Rathod, friends, let me tell you that whatever information we will give about Arman Rathod in this post, they are all taken from the internet, on the same base, we are telling the biography of Arman Rathod. All the things about Arman Rathod should not be completely correct, if you find anything wrong with the information given about Arman Rathod, then you must tell us in the comment that we will update it.
We will answer the following questions about this post Arman Rathod
  • Arman Rathod Age
  • Arman Rathod Height 
  • Arman Rathod Weight 
  • Arman Rathod Family
  • Arman Rathod Girlfriend
  • Arman Rathod Wife
  • Arman Rathod Address
  • Arman Rathod Struggle
  • Arman Rathod Audition
  • Arman Rathod Dance Forms
  • Arman Rathod Education
  • Arman Rathod Job
  • Arman Rathod First Viral Video
  • Arman Rathod Inspiration
  • Arman Rathod Real Name
  • Arman Rathod Real or Fake
  • Arman Rathod TikTok 
  • Arman Rathod Instagram 
  • Arman Rathod Facebook 
  • Arman Rathod Youtube

Arman Rathod Age

Friends, soon in a YouTube channel interview, Arman Rathod has told his age, Arman Rathod's age is 29 years according to 2020 and we are not making this thing by ourselves, Arman Rathod has stated his age as 29 years.

Arman Rathod Height

Friends, if we talk about the length of Arman Rathod, then the height of Arman Rathod is 5 feet 6 inches.

Arman Rathod Weight

Arman Rathod weight is 60 kg

Arman Rathod Family

Friends, let me tell you that Arman Rathod has a very small family. Arman Rathod's family lives in his mother, father and Arman Rathod himself. Friends Arman Rathod belongs to a poor family, his father also works as a laborer.

Arman Rathod Family
Arman Rathod Family

Arman Rathod Girlfriend

The way Arman Rathod has gone viral on the internet, his fan following has also become very much, if I talk about Arman Rathod's girlfriends, then thousands of girls would like to be Arman Rathod's girlfriends but friends so far Arman Rathod I have not made any mention about my girlfriend, I will get any information about Arman Rathod's girlfriend, then I will update you on this page, if friends talk about Arman Rathod's friends, there was a time when Arman Rathod's Had no friends but now Arman Rathod has many friends, some special friends who live with him all the time and help him in making videos.

Arman Rathod Wife

Friends, Arman Rathod is not married yet, he has told an interview and he has no plans to get married yet and when Arman Rathod gets married, his wife's information will be updated on this page.

Arman Rathod Address

Friends Arman Rathod hails from Gujarat Arman Rathod's house is located in Valsad, Gujarat and Arman Rathod lives in Gujarat with his parents and any more information about Arman Rathod's address will be updated here.

Arman Rathod Struggle

Friends, when any star has come out, he has struggled a lot, the same story is of Arman Rathod. Arman Rathod has also struggled for 12-13 years and now the day is not far when Arman Rathod will go to Bollywood Arman Rathod Has told in one of his interviews that he has been called to Mumbai and he will be going soon.

Arman Rathod Audition

Friends Arman Rathod had auditioned all over the place but no success was achieved Arman Rathod has also auditioned in Colors TV and Dance Plus but at that time his selection could not be done anywhere but Arman Rathod never stopped working and Today, Arman Rathod is getting its results.

Arman Rathod Dance Forms

Friends Arman Rathod gets a lot of dance, some of which are like Bollywood Contemporary Locking Dance etc. Arman Rathod also comes and dance.

Arman Rathod Education

Friends, let me tell you that Talent is not a favorite of any degree or certificate. Arman Rathod has a similar story. Arman Rathod is not much educated. Arman Rathod has studied till 7th he is only till 7th It is due to this that the financial condition of Arman Rathod's house was not good due to which Arman Rathod gave up his studies.

Arman Rathod Job

After leaving his studies, Arman Rathod started working and he was the first to do a car wash and after working for a few months he left the job of washing the car and started painting Ganapati ji's idols and being famous Till earlier, Arman Rathod used to work for idol painting.

Arman Rathod First Viral Video

Friends Arman Rathod made a video on a song by Hrithik Roshan and that video went viral, many big celebrities shared this video on their account David warner, Riteish Deshmukh

Many more people shared the video and Arman Rathod became popular.

Arman Rathod Inspiration

When Arman Rathod was asked in an interview that you inspired the dance and started dancing, Arman Rathod told Hrithik Roshan and Prabhu Deva as his inspiaration.

Arman Rathod Real Name

Friends, you will be surprised to know that the real name of Arman Rathod is not Arman Rathod, but the real name of Arman Rathod is Sanjay Rathod. In an interview with Arman Rathod I asked why he named his name Arman Rathod, then he told that when I go to any performance If people used to ask what is your armament and this question was asked to Arman Rathod repeatedly, then he named his name Arman Rathod.

Arman Rathod Real or Fake

Friends, whenever a person is popular, there is a lot of talk about him, the same thing happened with Arman Rathod. I have already told you that Arman Rathod is from a poor family but some people are saying that Arman Rathod Not poor, he has done all this to get popular, but to answer this, Arman Rathod made a video and showed his parents everything in his house and said brother do not like videos but I do not like this Do not say that I am Aamir and pretend to be poor and after that people feel relieved but some people still think that Arman Rathod is poor.

 Arman Rathod Real Name Sanjay Rathod
 Arman Rathod Age 29 as in 2020
 Arman Rathod Height 5.6"
 Arman Rathod Weight 68 Kg
 Arman Rathod Family Mother and Father
 Arman Rathod Girlfriend Na
 Arman Rathod Wife Na (Unmarried)
 Arman Rathod Address Gujrat Valsad
 Arman Rathod Struggle 12-13 Years
 Arman Rathod Audition Colors Tv & Dance Plus
 Arman Rathod Dance Forms Bollywood, Contemporary
 Arman Rathod Education 6th Class(7th Fail)
 Arman Rathod Job Car Wash, Ganpati Painting
 Arman Rathod Inspiration Hritik Roshan & Prabhu Deva
 Arman Rathod Hobby Dancing
 Arman Rathod TikTok @armanrathod
 Arman Rathod Instagram armanrathod
 Arman Rathod Facebook Arman Rathod
Arman Rathod Youtube Arman Rathod
So friends, there was some information about Arman Rathod, I hope you will like the information very much, friends, if you see any mistake in this post, then you must comment us and share this post thank you

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Bobby Kataria Wiki Biography Address,Birthday girlfriend, number,in English

Bobby Kataria Wiki Biography in English

Hello Friends Bobby Kataria, founder of the Yuva Ekta Foundation, is not interested in any introduction, but those who are still late in recognizing Bobby Kataria, our blog post is for them, friends, Robin Hood of the poor called Bobby Kataria Gurugram Bobby Kataria, a resident of Basai village of Gurgaon Let us add that this is the reason why youngsters across the country are connected with Bobby Kataria today.

Bobby Kataria
Bobby Kataria

Bobby Kataria is a young man who has graduated in law as well as is fond of bodybuilding Bobby Kataria. In the early days, Bobby Kataria used to get bodybuilding competitions in his area. Bobby Kataria belongs to a very wealthy family. The luxury of mourning and the tour of the country abroad is evidence of this. Bobby Kataria lived a luxurious life but seeing the careless attitude of people upset, Bobby Kataria gave up her luxurious life and Bobby Kataria took the road to help people. After this, Bobby Kataria has given selfless support by helping many poor people to bring happiness in their lives.

Friends, Bobby Kataria went out on the road to help the people, after which Bobby Kataria formed an organization called Yuva Ekta Foundation and slowly thousands of people went to Bobby Kataria. Bobby Kataria is a heart-rending Seeing the pain of the person, I did not know how to control my emotions and I used to use vulgar language against the police administration.

Which the police administration did not like and the police arrested Bobby Kataria and filed several cases against Bobby Kataria. Bobby Kataria was remanded for 9 days and after that Bobby Kataria was sent to jail. After going to jail, his supporters tried hard to get him released but the police had him in such a cycle that it took a long time for his supporters to get rid of Bobby Kataria. During this time many lawyers had come in support of Bobby Kataria and Two and a half months I got the bull to Bobby Kataria.

After Bobby Kataria came from jail many people wished that he would stop helping people because the reward the police gave to Bobby Kataria for the well being of the people was enough to crush any human intentions but Bobby Kataria did not give up Friends On no days remand, the police had broken Bobby Kataria's body but the courageous and strong Bobby Kataria stood on her feet again and after coming from prison, Bobby Kataria reinvented the youth unity foundation I took it in my hands.

Bobby Kataria used to help people in the past, but now he helps people in his senses. Bobby Kataria has also added some lawyers to the Yuva Ekta Foundation so that any legal dev screw can be dealt with easily. Opponents of Bobby Kataria do not leave any chance to see them down, but all these things have no effect on Bobby Kataria.

Bobby Kataria has said that he will go to the end of corruption in this generation and the youth all over the country are joining him very fast.

Bobby Kataria Address

Friends, Bobby Kataria lives in Gurgaon, we have only such information that Bobby Kataria is a resident of Gurgaon's Basai village and lives there and does his work from there.

Bobby Kataria Business

Friends, although we do not have much information about Bobby Kataria's business, but let me tell you that Bobby Kataria has a banana warehouse, which he also keeps watching in many of his videos.

Bobby Kataria Wife renu

Bobby Kataria's wife Renu Kataria is originally from Haryana. Both were married in the year 2011. They both have a son. Bobby Kataria's wife Renu completed her early studies from Bal Bharti Public School in Delhi. He has completed his graduation from Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak.

Bobby Kataria wife renu
Bobby Kataria wife

Bobby Kataria Girlfriend

Friends, Bobby Kataria is a century-old man and if he will have any girlfriends, we do not know so much Bobby Kataria is roaming around the country and abroad, so many people keep seeing his photos and say friends but Bobby Kataria from an interview We came to know that Manju is a best friend of Bobby Kataria who is coming to her family with them and their friendship is very old and her wife Renu said that Bobby Kataria and Manju are very good friends. is.

Bobby Kataria Manju Kundu relationship

Friends, when any two boys and girls roam together, people start talking in different ways, Friends, let me tell you that even today if two brothers and sisters go on a bike, then people prepare strange things like this. In an interview of Bobby Kataria and Manju, Bobby Kataria and Manju told that they are both good friends and will always be people no matter what they say.
Bobby Kataria Manju
Bobby Kataria Manju

Bobby Kataria mobile number

Friends, Bobby Kataria is such a famous person that if his personal number is leaked then people will start calling him with Bobby Kataria number of millions, then we cannot give you the personal number of Bobby Kataria but the youth unity organization of Bobby Kataria The numbers are in your photo.
Bobby Kataria Number
Bobby Kataria Number

Bobby Kataria Birthday

Friends, when I searched for Bobby Kataria's birthday on the internet, I came to know from his Instagram that Bobby Kataria was born on 28 November but which year I did not know.

Bobby Kataria lifestyle

Friends, as I have already told you people, Bobby Kataria is from a rich family, so his life is a luxurious life. Apart from the help of the people, they enjoy their life completely and I keep visiting Bobby Kataria in the country and abroad if I If I tell you one word, there is no shortage in Bobby Kataria's life, they have everything available for all mourning.

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Beauty Khan Tik Tok Star Biography, Lifestyle, Life Story ,Beutykhan50x bio

 Beauty Khan Tik Tok Star Biography

Hello, Friends Welcome to my blog to we will talk about beauty khan TikTok star we will cover all facts about beauty khan.
I covered All Questions
  • Beauty Khan 50x is one of the fastest-growing TikTok stars.
  • In just five months she gained 13 million fans following on TikTok.
  •  She came into the limelight when a dance video of her went viral on TikTok.
  •  Beauty Khan 50x has over 451k followers on Instagram. 
  • She keeps engaging her audience with funny videos and hot images.
  •  Beauty Khan 50x belongs to a very poor family.
  •  She is very interested in dancing and wants to make her career in dancing. 
  • Beauty Khan 50x studies in a government school.
  •  Beauty Khan 50x is from Kolkata.
  •  Beauty Khan 50x loves acting since her childhood. 
  • She loves to collect teddy bears.
  •  Beauty Khan 50x loves to eat different kinds of food.
  •  Her favorite subject is English. Beuty Khan 50x is a pet lover.
  •  She has a younger sister she loves her a lot.

 Friends i write so many type biography for beuty khan 50x i got all information on internet and we do not have any confirm bio so i write this bio from so many websites research.

 Beauty Khan Tik Tok Star Biography, Lifestyle, Life Story

Beauty Khan was born on 18th March 2001 in West Bengal Kolkata. Now Beauty Khan is 19 years old In her family there is only one person is there that is her mother. Beauty Khan's father has died when she was small. There are 2 members in her family BeautyKhan and her mother. And Zia Khan who is often seen in Beauty Khan TikTok videos she is Beauty Khan’s cousin. Beauty Khan (Tik tok Star) Biography, Lifestyle, Family, Age, Boyfriend, Wiki BeautyKhan’s mother’s brother’s daughter. Zia Khan is like Beauty Khan’s Best friend. Their bonding is very strong. BeautyKhan has done her school studies in jyangra Kolkata. Beauty Khan is very naughty from her childhood. Beauty Khan's mother loves her very much. The secret behind Beauty Khan's smile is her mother only. Beauty Khan has completed her school studies in 2017. Now she is doing her graduation in Derozio Memorial College Kolkata. Now she is in the second year. Beauty Khan has so many friends.

Beauty Khan Wiki Biography Age: 

Beauty khan 50x is an Indian Tik Tok star who is well known for making short lip-sync and dance videos. Beauty Khan 50x has a massive fan following in India and has millions of followers over different social media platforms. Age of Beauty Khan 50x is 19 years as of 2020. Her TikTok id is beutykhan50x.

Who is Beauty khan 50x

Beauty khan was born on 08 March 2001 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. after some time of beauty birth, her father died. now she is living with his mother. Beauty Khan is very naughty from her childhood. Beauty Khan's mother loves her very much. The secret behind Beauty Khan's smile is her mother only. Beauty khan Tik tok star Biography Beauty khan Family in Beauty khan Family one person is there that is her mother. Beauty Khan’s father died when she was small.

Beauty Khan Best Friend Zia Khan is like Beauty Khan’s Best friend.

 Their bonding is very strong. Beauty khan Education BeautyKhan has done her school studies in jyangra Kolkata. Beauty Khan has completed her school studies in 2017. Now she is doing her graduation in Derozio Memorial College Kolkata. Now she is in the second year.

Beauty khan Tiktok Star, Beauty khan Bio, Beauty khan Biography Beauty khan Wiki

On Tik Tok Beauty Khan has 13.2 million followers and 334.9 million likes. Apart from Tik Tok she also has a huge fan following on Instagram. beauty khan tik tok age

Beauty Khan Wiki/Biography

Beauty Khan was Born on 18 March 1999 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and the Present Age of Beauty Khan is 21 (as on 2020) and she is completing her studies in Private School of Mumbai City and Now she is Completing her Graduation, Beauty Khan starts her career from Tik Tok and Beauty Khan complete 2.5 Million Follower in Tik Tok profile 'beutykhan50x' and but she started making Video in 'Like' App but this App does not make her so Popular like The Tik Tok makes her, she makes most of the video by self and sometimes with her fans.

Beauty Khan 50x Height 

Beauty Khan is a beautiful girl with a height of 5 feet 2 inches and weighs 49kg. Beuty Khan’s age is 19 years, her eye and hair color is black & her shoe size is 7. Beuty Khan Age Height Weight

Beauty Khan 50x popularity

Beuty Khan is a very famous personality of Tik Tok. Her Tik Tok id is @beutykhan50x. Shee has over 13.2 million followers and 334.9million likes on Tik Tok. Beuty Khan makes short lip-sync videos with an amazing expression on her face.and so many videos on youtube she doesn't have any youtube channel but other people using her video on youtube.

Beauty Khan Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Tik Tok, Net Worth, Family, career. beauty khan TikTok age, beauty khan TikTok Wikipedia, beauty khan tik tok star, beauty khan tik tok star real name, beauty khan 50x Wikipedia, beauty khan tik tok star address, beauty khan tik tok star age, beauty khan TikTok image

Beauty Khan 50x Favorite things

Beuty Khan Favorite color is Pink and Black. Her Favorite actor is Varun Dhawan and Salman Khan. Beuty Khan Favorite actress is Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukon. Her favorite singer is Arjit Singh and Neha Kakker. Beuty Khan Favorite sports are Badminton, Cricket and Football. Her favorite sportsperson is Virat Kohli. Beuty Khan Favorite destination is Goa and London. Favorite food is Pizza and Noodles.

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Filmi Hollywood Bollywood filmizilla Website

Filmi zilla .in

Hello Friends today i am gonna tell you a very popular website who leaks the latest movie on inter net the website is Filmi zilla .in
Filmizilla Hollywood

Filmi Zilla .in If you talk about downloading the latest hollywood movies dubbed in hindi movies, then those who have less knowledge of technology have to work a lot to download latest Bollywood movies from the internet.  Why is there millions of Hindi Movies Downloading websites and blogs on the internet, out of which 60% website is Scam.  Where they keep redirecting you from one website to another and from another website to the third website and in the end, nothing seems in your hands, then friends like this website exist in the number of millions on the Internet.

What is filmi zilla .in 

Friends filmi Zilla .in a Bollywood and Hollywood movie downloading website and filmi zilla .in is available on the internet from 2016 .

Talking about the specialty of filmi zila .in you will get to see more collection of hindi dubbed hollywood movies, because Bollywood Movies Downloading website is available in thousands on the internet where filmi zila .in has made a distinct identity in Hindi hollywood movies.

Why filmi zilla .in famous

Filmyzilla is famous for its 2019 pirated films. Filmyzilla is a website providing pirated content. This website contains pirated and Hindi dubbed movies of South Indian languages ​​including Hindi and English.  This website is active on the Internet with many domain names.  This website, filmyzillapro, filmyzillame, etc., ran on the Internet with the domain name.
filmi zilla .in apne aap ko public domain bolti hai This website describes itself as a Public Domain and the available content on the site is derived from many sources.  But copyright is not mentioned on any content available on the site.

FilmiZilla Hindi Details

Dosto filmizilla ek aise website hai jo apko Hollywood or Bollywood movie free main aasani se download karwati hai lekin dosto bharat sarkar ke kanun ke anusar kisi ke bhi content ko copy karna ek apradh hai filmizilla website par jane se pehle apko kanun ke bare main pata hona chahiye dosto hum apko kisi bhi aise website par jane ki salah nhi dete hain jo ki kisi bhi prakar ka aisa contant deti hai jo ki ek offense hai.

More query For filmizilla on internet

Friends you can search on google for more information for filmizilla

filmizilla is safe ?
filmizilla is not safe ?
filmizilla is free ?
filmizilla is leagle ?
filmizilla is malware
filmizilla is indian website ?
what is filmizilla privacy ?
who is filmizilla owner ?


Dosto Hum is poore post main na to apko ye salah dete hain ki aap filmizilla website pe visit karen or na hi ye salah denge ki aap filmizilla pe visit na karen aap kisi bhi website pe visit karne se pehle uske bare main thik se jaan len uske baad hi visit karen
Piracy of any original content under the Indian Government is a punishable offense and is completely opposed to this type of piracy. Here the information of Share is only to provide you the necessary information in the particular of illegal activities. Its purpose is to encourage piracy and unethical acts at any time and in any way.  Neither is there. We are not suggest to visit you this type of site please chose a right and safe way to download film Please stay away from such website and choose the right way to download the film

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Microfiber Towel For Car wash and cleaning

Microfiber Towel For Car

Hey Friends Welcome to our blog today I going to tell you all about "Microfiber Towel For Car"

What Is Microfiber Towel

Basically, Microfiber Towel is also a cloth but this cleaning cloth is extremely different from other simple clothes. Microfiber Towel is used for car cleaning.
The Microfiber Towel is made up of a separate material

The clothes we use to wash our car it is made of a simple cotton Microfiber Towel absorbs water better than cotton clothes.

Advantage Of  Microfiber Towel 

When we clean the car with the help of Microfiber Towel, we get a lot of Benefits


  • We can clean the car very quickly while washing the car with a Microfiber Towel
  • When we clean the car with the help of Microfiber Towel, there is no fear of scratching the body of the car.
  • With the help of Microfiber Towel, we can also easily clean the car windows
  • With the help of Microfiber Towel, we can clean the car by spending very little water
  • Our hands do not hurt when we clean the car with the help of Microfiber Towel.

Disadvantage Of  Microfiber Towel 

Friends, just as microfiber towels advantage us, there are also some disadvantages


  • Friends we get a microfiber towel costlier than ordinary clothes, which causes us to lose money
  • Not easily cleaned when microfiber towel becomes a dirty
  • If we rub the microfiber towel too much, it deteriorates
  • If the microfiber towel falls down it becomes very dirty
  • Microfiber towel dries too long after washing. Buy Now

What types of Microfiber Towel Exist?

Standard Weave  Microfiber Towel 

This weave is typically for general use in cleaning, polishing, and waxing. It is identified by the uniform texture across the entire surface of the towel.

Ultra-Low  Microfiber Towel 

Glass / Lens Cleaning Excellent at removing dirt and oil from smooth surfaces such as smartphone screens and eyeglass lenses.

Short Pile 200-250 GSM  Microfiber Towel 

General-purpose cleaning Use on durable surfaces such as engine bay plastics, leather, and glass, textured interior plastic.

Short Pile 300-350 GSM Microfiber Towel 

Quick detailers, wax & polish removal Use on hard paints, wheels, exhaust tips, and glass & Soft and gentle Safe on most surfaces Application of spray waxes. Buy Now

Long Pile / Plush 530 – 700 GSM Microfiber Towel 

Extremely soft, plush, and gentle Safe on all surfaces Application of spray waxes & quick detailers, wax & polish removal, waterless washes Use on glass, and plastics,  hard and soft paints.

Waffle Weave  Microfiber Towel 

This weave is typically for drying tasks or cleaning tasks that benefit from quick absorption such as glass cleaning. It is identified by a surface texture that resembles the surface of a waffle or waffle iron.

How To Wash Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels and equipment have special care requirements due to their unusual cleaning properties and structure. As you probably know, microfiber is excellent for dusting and cleaning due to static-charged, woven fibers. The combination of polyamide and polyester is incredibly strong and soft, and microfiber towels absorb 7 times their weight in moisture!

Wash your microfiber in a washing machine with detergent. Tumble them over low heat or no heat. The high heat will virtually melt the fibers while the fabric softener and bleach will dissipate the electric charge, making the microfiber effective. Avoid those three laundry habits, and your microfiber will last indefinitely
If you use all this tricks you will save your car paint and use our washing method 
Thanks for reading my blog if you like this information so please share to your friends keep visiting our blog for intersting information 

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Ranu Mondal Biography, Age Ranu mondal Viral video ,Addresses,height

Ranu Mondal Biography

दोस्तों सोशल मीडिया एक ऐसा प्लेटफॉर्म हो जो किसी को भी कभी भी रातो रत स्टार बना सकता है जी हाँ आज हम आपको Ranu Mondal के जीवन की कहानी बता रहें हैं की कैसे Ranu Mondal Railway station से बॉलीवुड की सिंगर बन चुकी हैं दोस्तों इस पोस्ट मैं Ranu Mondal Biography लिखी गयी है दोस्तों Ranu Mondal के बारे मैं अभी सब कुछ तो हमको नहीं पता लेकिन Ranu Mondal के बारे मे जितना हमें पता है वो हम आपको बता रहे हैं। 

दोस्तों जुलाई 2019 की बात है  Ranu Mondal कोलकाता के रेलवे स्टेशन पर "ये प्यार का नगमा है " गाने को गा रहीं थी वैसे तो Ranu Mondal अपना पेट पलने के लिए स्टेशन पर गाने गति रहती थीं लेकिन जब वो गाना गा रहीं थी तो एक सख्स  जिनका नाम Atindra Chakraborty है ने इनका एक वीडियो  बना लिया और इसे अपने फेसबुक प्रोफाइल पर शेयर कर दिया और वो एक फेसबुक ग्रुप से भी जुड़े हुए थे तो उन्होंने  वीडियो को वहां भी शेयर कर दिया दोस्तोंमंडल जब लोगो ने Ranu Mondal का ये वीडियो देखा तो उसे बहुत ही ज्यादा पसंद किया और शेयर भी किया और  वीडियो पुरे देश मैं वायरल हो गया।

और वायरल  होते होते  Ranu Mondal का ये वीडियो बॉलीवुड तक पहुँच गया अभिनेता हिमेश रेशमिया ने रानू के गीत से प्रभावित होकर अपने स्टूडियो में गाने का मौका दिया। हिमेश के रेफरल के आधार परयह रातोंरात प्रसिद्ध गायिका बॉलीवुड फिल्म हैप्पी हार्डी एंड हीर (2019) में अपनी गायन की शुरुआत करेगी.दोस्तों ये तो बात की हमने की कैसे Ranu Mondal बॉलीबुड तक पहुंची लेकिन अब हम आपको उनके कुछ गुजरे हुए पलों के बारे मैं बताते हैं। दोस्तों Ranu Mondal रानाघाट मैं अपनी माँ के साथ रहती थीं लेकिन इनके बचपन मैं ही इनकी माँ की छाया इनके ऊपर से ख़तम हो गयी थी और  समय बाद इनकी शादी बबलू मोंडल से हो गयी और ये मुंबई चले गए अपने काम की तलाश करने लगे लेकिन मुंबई मैं इनको कोई सफलता नहीं मिली और ये वापस रानाघाट आ गयीं इनके पति की मृत्यु के बाद ये railway स्टेशन पर गाना गा कर अपना गुजरा करती थीं। रानू मंडल अब एक बड़ी स्टार बन चुकी है, वह हम सभी के लिए एक प्रेरणा भी बन चुकी है. सफलता किसी की मोहताज़ नहीं होती है. बड़े-बड़े लोग उनसे मिलने के लिए तरस रहें है, उनके आवाज़ का फैन अब हर कोई हो चूका है. इस आर्टिकल में हम आपको रानू मंडल के बारें में उनका बायोग्राफी बताने वालें है कि रानू मंडल कौन है, रानू मोंडल कहाँ से है, रानू मंडल वायरल गाना.

रानू मंडल की जीवनी (Ranu Mondal Biography)

नाम :-Ranu Mondal (Ranu Mariha Mondal )
व्यवसाय :-Singer 
जन्मतिथि :-Updated soon 
आयु :-50 से अधिक 
पिता :-updated soon 
माता :-updated soon 
पति :-बबलू मोंंडल 
शैक्षिक योग्यता :-Updated soon 
स्कूल :-रानाघाट 
शौक :-संगीत और गायन 
जन्मस्थान :-कृष्णानगरनादियापश्चिम बंगालभारत
धर्म :-इशाई 
लम्बाई :-5.3" 
राष्ट्रीयता :-भारतीय 
दोस्तों और जो भी Ranu Mondal के बारे मैं हमें जानकारी मिलेगी वो हम जल्दी ही अपडेट कर देंगे अगर आपको भी कुछ जानकारी मिलती है तो आप हमें जरूर बताएं 
निचे खुश सवाल हैं जो की इंटरनेट पर पूछे जा रहे हैं। 
1. इन्टरनेट पर अधिक वायरल होने वाली महिला के सूची में आ गई है.
2.  इनका दर्शक रातों-रात लाखो में हो गया.
3.  यह एक सिंगर है पहले इनके आवाज़ को दुनिया नहीं सुन पाई थी, लेकिन अब हर कोई सुनने को बेताब है.
4.  रानू पार्श्व गायिका लता मंगेशकर की सबसे बड़ी प्रशंसक हैं और उन्होंने अपना गीत भी गाया.
5.  वह बॉलीवुड में अपना सबसे पहला गाना गायक हिमेश रेशमिया के साथ “तेरी मेरी कहानी”गाई है.
6.  भारत सरकार से इन्हें पुरुस्कार मिलने वाला है.