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Microfiber Towel For Car wash and cleaning

Microfiber Towel For Car

Hey Friends Welcome to our blog today I going to tell you all about "Microfiber Towel For Car"

What Is Microfiber Towel

Basically, Microfiber Towel is also a cloth but this cleaning cloth is extremely different from other simple clothes. Microfiber Towel is used for car cleaning.
The Microfiber Towel is made up of a separate material

The clothes we use to wash our car it is made of a simple cotton Microfiber Towel absorbs water better than cotton clothes.

Advantage Of  Microfiber Towel 

When we clean the car with the help of Microfiber Towel, we get a lot of Benefits


  • We can clean the car very quickly while washing the car with a Microfiber Towel
  • When we clean the car with the help of Microfiber Towel, there is no fear of scratching the body of the car.
  • With the help of Microfiber Towel, we can also easily clean the car windows
  • With the help of Microfiber Towel, we can clean the car by spending very little water
  • Our hands do not hurt when we clean the car with the help of Microfiber Towel.

Disadvantage Of  Microfiber Towel 

Friends, just as microfiber towels advantage us, there are also some disadvantages


  • Friends we get a microfiber towel costlier than ordinary clothes, which causes us to lose money
  • Not easily cleaned when microfiber towel becomes a dirty
  • If we rub the microfiber towel too much, it deteriorates
  • If the microfiber towel falls down it becomes very dirty
  • Microfiber towel dries too long after washing. Buy Now

What types of Microfiber Towel Exist?

Standard Weave  Microfiber Towel 

This weave is typically for general use in cleaning, polishing, and waxing. It is identified by the uniform texture across the entire surface of the towel.

Ultra-Low  Microfiber Towel 

Glass / Lens Cleaning Excellent at removing dirt and oil from smooth surfaces such as smartphone screens and eyeglass lenses.

Short Pile 200-250 GSM  Microfiber Towel 

General-purpose cleaning Use on durable surfaces such as engine bay plastics, leather, and glass, textured interior plastic.

Short Pile 300-350 GSM Microfiber Towel 

Quick detailers, wax & polish removal Use on hard paints, wheels, exhaust tips, and glass & Soft and gentle Safe on most surfaces Application of spray waxes. Buy Now

Long Pile / Plush 530 – 700 GSM Microfiber Towel 

Extremely soft, plush, and gentle Safe on all surfaces Application of spray waxes & quick detailers, wax & polish removal, waterless washes Use on glass, and plastics,  hard and soft paints.

Waffle Weave  Microfiber Towel 

This weave is typically for drying tasks or cleaning tasks that benefit from quick absorption such as glass cleaning. It is identified by a surface texture that resembles the surface of a waffle or waffle iron.

How To Wash Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels and equipment have special care requirements due to their unusual cleaning properties and structure. As you probably know, microfiber is excellent for dusting and cleaning due to static-charged, woven fibers. The combination of polyamide and polyester is incredibly strong and soft, and microfiber towels absorb 7 times their weight in moisture!

Wash your microfiber in a washing machine with detergent. Tumble them over low heat or no heat. The high heat will virtually melt the fibers while the fabric softener and bleach will dissipate the electric charge, making the microfiber effective. Avoid those three laundry habits, and your microfiber will last indefinitely
If you use all this tricks you will save your car paint and use our washing method 
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